The Artists

Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Murals

Following is a list of artists from our 2019 Festival. Watch for participating 2020 artists as that information becomes available.

The Artists of 2019

Marie Bravo – Acrylic/oil/jewelry – Barrel Artist

Marie Bravo, an art student at San Diego State University, is a Ramona resident and artist, who will be exhibiting for the first time at the Festival. She has been expanding her work to the public by collaborative murals on and off campus, entering into collective art galleries. She painted a pastoral scene on the utility box at 14th and Main, facing 14th next to Dunkin Donuts.  She offers portraits, murals, commissioned paintings, and illustrations and is beginning to combine her craft and love of jewelry into metalsmithing and gemstone setting.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Lynette Bredow – Acrylic, Watercolor & Oil

Lynette has been painting either personally or professionally since the early 70’s. She started in oils on canvas, but in the late 80’s early 90’s she was introduced to acrylics. She enjoyed the fast drying of the paint resulting in instant finish to her projects. In 2014 she was again introduced to a new medium…watercolor. That has opened a new world to painting. You can see some of her fine art on her web site at

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Chalon Campbell – Jewelry

This is Chalon’s first showing at the Festival, and she will be offering hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry or fine silver using precious and semi-precious stones. She started making jewelry in high school when it was offered as a class. It was then that she realized she loved the process of working with sterling silver and using a torch. The moment the solder flowed, she was smitten. she continued making jewelry over the years since high school, but in the last 10 years, she has concentrated on learning more through an excellent teacher and perfecting my craft. She has been selling jewelry to the public for the last three years

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Charisma Art – Mixed Media

Abstract paintings, glassware, various other small hand-painted items.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Annette Cirillo – Acrylic

Annette Cirillo uses acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with bright colors in her design Her passion for art comes in many forms. Color allows expression in many ways—from fantasy expression of an individual’s unique style, to displaying dreams in vivid color on canvas. She appreciates each piece of art as it unfolds before her eyes. This is Annette’s first participation in the Festival.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Bev Coalson – Acrylic, Mixed Media

This is Bev’s first year to participate in the Festival, and she will be offering Acrylic Abstract and Mixed Media paintings. Art has become her new love since retiring from a 30-year sales career. The vibrant colors of acrylics combined with the endless potential of mixed medium have given her joy, purpose and opened up a whole world of self-expression that she loves being able to share. She has participated in two art shows at Art on 30th, where she has also sold paintings.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Marsha Cook – Recycled/found objects – Barrel Artist

Marsha enjoys working with recycled materials and found objects, often discussing environmental issues and other topics close to her heart.  She works in mixed media and continues learning new skills and multicultural topics.  Marsha is continuously learning from observing works of other artists.  Currently she is drawn to artists depicting bold statements for social justice.

Marsha recently earned the Professional Certificate in Art and the Creative Process, UCSD Extension and teaches a variety of art topics at the Art Center Ramona

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Susan DePriest, Glass Art

Susan loves color! Kiln formed glass and enamels enable her to combine vibrant colors with the excitement of creating beautiful objects utilizing special kilns, molds and casting materials. She creates fused and slumped glass art and functional objects.

Jamie Dougherty – Barrel Artist

Jamie Dougherty has been creating artwork for more than fifteen years. Born and raised in Ramona, she still lives here with her husband and their two children. Jamie loves to create a wide range of artistic designs but she is best known for her female faces. Many say her faces are inspired by her daughter, and you can find her features hidden in each face. Jamie is also a product designer in the craft and hobby industry, and has had two signature collections with Prima Marketing Inc. In addition, she has independently produced Art stencils and also self-published adult coloring books. Her fine art skills explore watercolors, mixed media, and sculpting. You can find more about her as well as her work on her website:

Jamie Dougherty
Lyn Feudner* – Glass, Jewelry & Metal

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Lyn reinterprets her artist talents in glass, wire and plasma cut metal. Fused glass and fused glass jewelry are the main body. Lyn is a local North County San Diego fine artist. She expresses her love and appreciation for nature through her artwork. Lyn studies art locally at UCSD, SDSU, and Palomar College. Her education includes studying at the University of West Florida, and working on her B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota.

Laurie Fuller
Laurie Fuller – Acrylic

This is Laurie’s first appearance at the Festival. After a long career in Illustration and graphic design Laurie has happily reunited with her love of painting. Moving from the digital canvas back to physical canvas has been an adjustment, but she is embracing the challenge. She is learning that creating fine art is a continual journey with no specific destination, and to trust the process of experimentation that results in growth. Her hope is to create work that includes the viewer in her journey by stirring in them a feeling, memory, desire, or their imagination to create the story behind the painting.

Anne Garcia – Fiber Arts

Anne discovered textiles when she learned to sew at age 12 on a treadle sewing machine. She quickly developed a love of color, texture and the process of making cloth into clothing. As a young woman, she progressed to the fiber arts of spinning, weaving, and quilting. Anne celebrates the joy of using color and texture in weaving and incorporates those elements into her designs. Creating cloth from wool, cotton, alpaca and other fibers is a time-consuming and eternally creative process. Anne is very grateful to spin the wheel and throw the shuttle!

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Cappie Geis – Acrylic

Cappie has always been creative, making jewelry, writing recipes, drawing, photography. She began painting approximately four years ago and has been juried into many shows at Art on 30th. She loves painting with the talented artist there. Her pieces are based on Abstract but she enjoys painting recognizable figures over the abstract background and using other materials to enhance her art.

Tom Grubbe – Mixed media

Tom “preserves the beauty of nature.” He creates art through pine needle coiling.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Linda Kelly* - Acrylic

Linda loves to paint on unique and interesting surfaces. Her subjects are endless— horses, flowers, landscapes, birds, and old world angels. As a self-taught artist she likes to capture the fleeting glimpses of beauty to which all can relate. She is inspired by the concept of recycling older elements and turning them into beautiful pieces of art. She is thrilled to work on commissioned pieces, and strives to create works of art in every piece she takes on. She paints on old plates, antique metal tiles, canvas, wood and other amazing materials she discovers. Her works are included in private and corporate collections, and local galleries.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Arthur Leonardi - Animator/cartoonist

Arthur Leonardi was the director and writer of the animated titles for “The Revenge of the Pink Panther” and “The Trail of the Pink Panther” movies starring Peter Sellers. An animator for Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, MGM, Universal Pictures and many more, Art Leonardi will be providing original art for the festival's silent auction and will be selling authentic cartoon backgrounds, original cells of famous cartoon characters and autographed copies of books about the Pink Panther. This is Art’s first appearance at the Festival.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Lizbet's Creations - Jewelry

Lizbet's Creations is a group of three ladies: Beverly Mascari, Karen Snipes, and Mary Tedesco who create hand- made jewelry featuring precious stones, semi precious stones and intricate seed bead jewelry made with Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and other fine stones that makes beautiful wearable jewelry. Beverly has won three first place ribbons for her designs in years past and has recently featured her jewelry in a local jewelry store. This will be the first time participating in the Festival.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Maize - Jewelry

Hand painted drop jewelry.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Johnathan Martinez - Acrylic

Johnathan Martinez uses bold and vibrant colors and paints his subjects without faces to draw the viewer in while reinforcing the ideals of family, love, friendship, and the joy of living life. Johnathan has been actively involved in the community with his art for many years. Most recently, he painted ““La Quinceañera” mural at Leslie’s Pool Supplies, 1905 Main St., Ramona, CA. and painted two utility boxes outside the Women’s Club at 524 Main St., Ramona. For more information on Johnathan and his art, go to:

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Tina Millsap – Jewelry

Tina began working with art glass in 1977. She and her husband Michael opened Blue Dolphin Art Glass Studio in 1978. After a long love affair with first stained and then fused glass, in 2008 Tina began combining her love of fused glass with the wire wrapping process to create one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Helen Munroe - Glass

Helen has been making jewelry for 15 years. She became certified to teach Precious Metal Art Clay in 2006 and in 2007 started making fused dichroic glass projects. Now her art is one or the other or a combination of both! She loves learning new techniques.

Kathy Oxford – Jewelry

Kathy’s family moved to San Diego in 1960 and although she has lived in many parts of San Diego, Ramona has been her home for the last 18 years.  Life on a small horse ranch demands resourcefulness, preparation, invention, and grit.  These same characteristics carried her through 30+ years of teaching and are proving priceless in her metal-smithing work.  Her jewelry is often one-of-a-kind and pushes beyond the usual precious metals, stones, and traditional techniques. She is inspired by her surroundings.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Danni Pearson – Paintings, Photography, Pyrography – Barrel Artist

Danni Pearson is an artist, wife, and mother to two amazing children. She is passionate about her art – whether faces, canvases, wood, or rocks, she’ll find a way to decorate them. She is a self-taught pyrographer, creating amazing works on everything from wooden spoons to cutting boards. She is an admin for the Ramona Rocks! Facebook page, creating everyday art and encouraging others to follow suit. She volunteers her time and painting skills to various community events, including face-painting at her children’s school and beautifying electrical boxes. She is one of the artists who turned a Ramona utility box into art.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Charlene Pulsonetti – Mixed Media – Barrel Artist

Charlene Pulsonetti creates original watercolor and acrylic paintings inspired by the American Southwest. Her work aims to address the complex relationship of humanity and the natural world, as well as the humor in everyday life.  Charlene was born in New York and currently resides in Ramona. A visual artist and traveler, she prefers the portability of watercolor and ink when on the road and in the wilderness.  After graduating with a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston, she participated as Artist in Residence at Petrified Forest National Park in northeastern Arizona. From here, she has participated in multiple group shows throughout eastern Long Island. She has participated twice in Crescent City, California’s “Art Walk”, and has pieces in the collections of the Boston Public Library, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and Petrified Forest National Park. Her most recent work was a public art installation in Riverhead, New York titled “Sanctum”. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Karen Riedler – Mixed Media – Barrel Artist

Karen makes art as an expression of herself. Her art is silly, whimsical, collaborative, and illustrative. She is influenced by works of fantasy, sci-fi, and folk art and nature, in all sorts of mediums, but most specifically in graphic novels. Karen is a professional muralist, product and graphic designer, illustrator, and mother. She lives and works in Ramona with her main collaborator/husband Cory, her baby Luna, and her cat Minke. You can see her work on the utility box covered by birds from a winking owl to a scowling hawk, all local birds to Ramona, at 1512 Main Street next to the Union Bank on the Main Street side.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Shannon Robinson – Jewelry

Shannon will be offering handcast unique resin wearable art (jewelry) and other art. She is a diverse and creative artist who works in a variety of mediums, from acrylic to watercolors, to photography to resin. Creating works of art that can either be worn or hung.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Lori Sutherland – Mixed Media

Lori Sutherland is a local award winning artist. She shows her work in the 2Create Gallery in Ramona, and has been a participant in the Ramona Open Studio Tour for several years. Lori is know for her detailed and colorful colored pencil art, but is also doing acrylics, and most recently acrylic poured paintings embellished with stone, glass, and metal.

Beryl Warnes – Fiber Arts

Following a passion for weaving since initiation in 1974, Beryl continues to explore and experience the joy of creativity in this medium. She has owned and operated Julian Weaving works since 1989 and Academy of Hand Weaving since 2015. Her son Skylar Farr has joined her to keep this ancient art form alive and growing, finding its place in present times and for future generations. Their goal is to promote cottage weaving to balance out the technological age we live in.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Pam Wilder – Multi-media

Pamela's work is full of color and vibrant scenes. She obviously loves color and her work jumps off the walls and into your heart. Pam's love of drawing and painting began as a form of therapy during cancer treatment and recovery. She then studied with many award-winning local artists. Discussing her work Pam says, "Life is full of twists and turns and for me this is a lifelong dream finally took a tough battle with cancer for me to stop waiting and begin creating. Today I work full time as an artist and am so excited to begin work every day. Not just what I do, but who I am."

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Nancy Wiley - Jewelry Artist

Nancy studied Fine Arts at Santa Monica City College and at Long Beach State. She has a background in many different mixed media arts, which include: Jewelry, Drawing, Painting, Stain Glass, Sculpting, Etching, and many more. Nancy presently has her own studio in a small town in San Diego County.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest

2Create Gallery Exhibition

2Create Gallery, a non-profit located at 438 Main St. in Ramona, is dedicated to making quality arts available to the community. As part of its commitment to encourage artistic awareness, participation, and expression and to help independent local artists achieve their individual artistic goals, this year the Gallery will present samples at the Festival of its participating artists.  You can view the artwork from the following artists at the 2Create Exhibition inside the main building next to the registration area at the Festival.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Susan Bainbridge, Painter

Susan's paintings are often characterized by strong color laid over a red foundation. Her work is in private collections throughout the country and she has received numerous awards. Susan has also taught children's art both as a business and as a volunteer for 30 years.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Petar Barbaros, Oil Painter and Sketcher

Petar left Croatia for a better life and when he moved to the United States he began studying under many accomplished artists. He feels being mentored by wonderful artists helped him immensely and feels there is nothing like a good critique to help figure out what you are doing wrong and elevating your art. His work has a mesmerizing quality to it and his love of sketching produces very interesting images.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ruth Barnett, Painter

Ruth is an oil painter of both landscapes and still life.  She paints in between travels and has quite a photo collection of beautiful scenery to paint from.  Her designs try to capture a moment in time through the use of light and shadow.  Ruth also works with clay and stained glass.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Bradley Begent, Mixed Media Artist and Furniture

Brad has been a prolific artist since he could pick up a crayon and draw. He won best in show at the Del Mar Fair in elementary school and has continued to excel in his artistic endeavors since then. When he is not making custom furniture, surf boards, custom paddles, or doing construction work, he devotes his time to making art at the family ranch in Ramona. He would love to become a full-time professional artist-his work is creative, cutting edge, and environmentally friendly (in that he has a tendency to recycle materials into his art pieces).


Ramona Art & Wine Fest
David Begent, Multi-media Artist, Sculptor & Furniture

David is a resident of Ramona and has always dabbled in art but did not become a full time professional artist until after he sold his construction business 7 years ago.  David has his work in several public and private collections including his sculpture “The Hug” outside the entrance of the Ray M. Dickinson Wellness Center in Escondido.  He is a multi-media artist who does exciting contemporary artwork.



Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Molly Jaeger-Begent, Acrylic

Molly has been painting for many years, and is a contemporary acrylic artist who lives in Ramona. She attended the Art Students League of NYC, and is currently showing in the Del Mar Art Center.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
David Browne, Contemporary Sculptor

David Browne is a contemporary sculptural blacksmith working in steel, copper and bronze. Known for his graceful flowing forms, he utilizes a combination of traditional and industrial forging methods and tools. The work is informed by a lifelong love of architecture, a childhood spent exploring the rugged mountains of Idaho, and formal education and training in ceramics. “I’m obsessed with that precise instant when hammer die impacts hot steel.” It is in that tiny nanosecond that my vision becomes reality.” David has created numerous small and large scale works for individuals as well as corporate institutions throughout Southern California and the United States. David and his photographer wife Jo, reside in the rural foothills of Ramona, in San Diego County, California.


Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Kathleen Cook, Fiber Artist

Weaver Kathleen Cook is a Ramona resident with over 20 years experience on the loom. Anyone who weaves commands respect in the world of art, and Kathleen has earned her accolades for adding elements of nature with other fibers for interesting textures and smells.

She calls herself a "Nature-lover-weaver". Two of her favorite things: roaming through the thick chaparral on the hillside where she lives, and weaving. She started two decades ago creating blankets and shawls and scarves and table runners. Then one day a few years ago, she was out walking on the mesa near her home, feeling uninspired and she began to notice the sages, deer grass, sumacs, buckwheat and their colors, textures and scents. Why not weave with them! was her discovery that day. She headed for her studio, collecting all her new botanical friends and began creating beautiful pieces.

Come and enjoy the quality of her work and learn how she has maintained her love for a centuries' old craft.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Donna Davis, Ceramic Artist

Donna makes creative a lovely dishes and other ceramics for use in the home.  She loves to create objects to enhance the experience of having a meal and celebrate the social experience.  She produces vases and other items to complement the home environment.

All pieces are either one of a kind or are part of a set.  Donna loves to welcome visitors to her studio so she can tell you more about her varied techniques and show you how she works, from clay preparation to the many glaze applications and final firing.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Luciano Demasi, Photographer

Luciano Demasi’s photo activity is focused on “capturing the uniqueness of each moment nature provides with its immense and stunning endless beauty”. He took photos in San Diego East County (including Anza-Borrego Desert) and US national parks. His real artistic love is for infrared photography: “the invisible world is first imagined, then captured, and finally brought to life, to unleash creativity, passion, and emotions. The invisible world is part of our reality and infrared photography is what unveils true beauty by enhancing our perception.”

Luciano Demasi is professor of Aerospace Engineering at the San Diego State University and is author of more than 100 publications in the areas of aerodynamics, structures, and aeroelasticity.


Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Susan DePriest, Glass Artist

Susan is a native San Diegan who has always loved art and has ventured into many directions pursuing her passion.  As a child her favorite gift was a huge box of scrap paper that she received from her father.  This gift provided her with the materials for unlimited drawing and began her creative pursuits. Glass fusing is a favorite of hers and she is happy to share her art and the many processes she uses to achieve a finished piece.  Susan became a member of the Enamel Guild in 2008, and soon began incorporating enamels with fused glass   She is a member of the Balboa Park Spanish Village Artist Guild and has had her enamel work shown in many juried gallery showings.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Edward Garner, Sculptor

Edward was born in Santa Paula, California, and has always had a great interest in art, especially sculpture.  After spending 21 years in the Navy he retired, moved to San Diego and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a sculptor.  The materials he uses are stone and wood, especially myrtle wood which is only found in Oregon.  He depicts nature in a stylized but not complete abstract way.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Liane Glasrud, Mixed Media Artist

Liane has taken a slow road on her transition from teacher to artist.  Both use imagination and perseverance.  She recently moved back to San Diego and is challenging herself with paint, paper, new mediums and techniques.  Her work is both unique and inspiring.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Sheila Greer, Watercolor and Oil

Sheila paints in oils and watercolor.In the late 80's she explored "subjective reality" and the nature of consciousness. Meditation became a part of her journey along with incredible meditative visions. The desire to share these visions and the joy associated with them inspired her quest to find the "Artist Within."  Her work has a wonderful calm energy to it.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ken Haines, Woodturner

Ken is a resident of North County and has been involved in woodworking his entire life.  In 2000 he discovered the lathe and has been using it exclusively ever since.  He enjoys experimenting and working with color and his work is wonderful!  He is a participating member of the San Diego Woodturners and designed, developed and taught the woodturning courses at Palomar College.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Darlene Katz, Painter

Darlene is an award-winning artist and her work has shown in many Southern California galleries as well as national juried shows, private collections as well as corporate collections.  Her inspiration comes from everyday scenes and from her travels.  She works in oil and her paintings are visually unique as well as technically proficient.


Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Patrick Korch, Painter and Sculptor

Patrick is an accomplished oil painter who was born in Sweden, traveled the world and now is a resident of San Diego.  He attended UCLA, has a BA from SDSU, studied at the Arts Students League of New York and has won many awards for his outstanding work.


Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Bette McBain, Water Color Artist

Bette spent much of her life in upstate New York where she loved to walk in nearby meadows and woods to find her subjects…she captures the colors of nature in her wonderful impressionist water color & acrylic paintings.  Bette studied art at Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art in Utica, NY, and her work has won several awards.  She taught drawing and watercolor courses at Mohawk Community College as well as at workshops conducted throughout central New York.  She also loved working with interior designers in cities throughout the Northeast as well as Palm Beach, Florida.  Bette now resides in Coronado.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Laurel Nelson, Painter

Laurel Nelson’s whimsical world is nothing but charming!  Her artistic abilities are excellent and her world of whimsy with a dash of humor and adorable is truly inspiring.  You will love her work!

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Caylor Nuth, Acrylic Artist

Caylor graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Art. Throughout her art career she worked as an illustrator with Amber Sky Illustrators in Denver Colorado and freelanced for companies such as National Wildlife, International Wildlife, and Portal Publications.

She taught art in Colorado and California public schools and is currently working on a series of acrylic paintings depicting domestic farm animals entitled, “Meat Your Friends”.

She enjoys the simple country atmosphere of Ramona where her family has lived for almost 30 years and wants to share the faces of the beautiful creatures we depend on.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Irma Pina-Garner, Silk Artist

Irma was born in Cuba and raised at Guantanamo Navel Base.  She is mostly a self taught silk artist.  She loves the way dyes spread and mix on silk and her work includes the vibrancy and tropical colors of her home Caribbean water and vibrant flora and fauna.  Her scarves are beautiful.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Tracy Potter, Fiber Artist, Mixed Media

Fiber art is a combination of mixed media techniques and fabric.  Tracy started quilting with traditional patterns, but her interest in color and design led her to more modern pieces that include both emotion and memory.  Tracy’s wall hangings are creative and intriguing with interesting themes.


Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Charlene Pulsonetti, Acrylic and Watercolor Artist

Charlene Pulsonetti creates original watercolor and acrylic paintings inspired by the American Southwest. Her work aims to address the complex relationship of humanity and the natural world, as well as the humor in everyday life.  Charlene was born in New York and currently resides in Ramona. A visual artist and traveler, she prefers the portability of watercolor and ink when on the road and in the wilderness.

After graduating with a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston, she participated as Artist in Residence at Petrified Forest National Park in northeastern Arizona. From here, she has participated in multiple group shows throughout eastern Long Island. She has participated twice in Crescent City, California’s “Art Walk”, and has pieces in the collections of the Boston Public Library, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and Petrified Forest National Park. Her most recent work was a public art installation in Riverhead, New York titled “Sanctum.”

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Deanne Smith, Jewelry

Deanne specializes in custom chains and Etruscan chains and has won a first place every year she entered in the Del Mar Fair.  In addition, she has taught at the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society for seven years. In addition to showing her work at 2Create Gallery, Deanne is a member of the Spanish Village Art Center and has work on display in Studio 9. She cuts her own stones, and plans to add cabs and lapidary work to her jewelry.

Rich Watson, Plein Air Sketcher

Rich doesn’t have to dream about the ocean, sailing and cruising because that’s what he does these days and shares his experiences through his hand-drawn Plein Air sketches. They are spontaneous and charming.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Don Weeke, Gourd Artist

The focus of Don’s work is to create form utilizing natural fibers and materials in combination with traditional basketry techniques.  In his work you may see gourds, oak branches, eucalyptus bark, date palm seeds and fonds which he puts together in amazing ways.


Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Nancy Wiley, Jewelry

Nancy studied Fine Arts at Santa Monica City College and Long Beach State.  She has a background in many different mixed media arts whose passion is wire wrap jewelry designs in which she encases semi-precious stones.  She has shown in many Southern California Arts and Crafts Shows and her creations are extremely popular.  Website:

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Victoria Wilson-Schultz, Pastel and Oil Painter

Victoria was born to an artistic family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her love of the outdoors started at a very early age and naturally progressed to painting the wildlife she saw.  Unfortunately, Victoria passed away recently but 2Create Gallery will show her beautiful work which is now, according to her family, going to provide scholarship money to Ramona High School Art Students.

She traveled extensively throughout the world gathering reference photos for her paintings. Her favorite reference trips include Kenya, South Africa, Yellowstone, Yosemite and the wild areas surrounding her home.  Victoria worked in pastels, dry sticks of color that are made from pure, powdered pigment and mixed with a small amount of gum binder. A variety of surfaces are used to achieve a wide range of moods in her paintings.  Each piece is composed of layer after layer of blended pastel strokes, sharpening the sticks to fine points to achieve a level of detail rarely seen in this medium.

"Detail is what she loved and she really enjoyed it when people looked at her work and couldn’t believe it was a pastel."

Art Center

The Art Center of Ramona is an Inclusive Community Art space, where art as a process is paramount, and where the community and the artist are put into direct contact. Their mission is to create a rural community art space, where Traditional, Expressive and Conceptual Artists come in contact with each other and the larger community. At the Festival, the Art Center will provide an area for visitors to do “abandoned art”—the practice of creating an artistic piece of any size or shape and "abandoning" it somewhere in the world. It can be kept by the finder, left, or re-gifted—like a random act of kindness in art form. There are abandoned art groups all over the world. For additional information about the Art Center, go to

*Legacy Recognition:  We will be recognizing our "Legacy" Artists.  Artists who have supported and participated as artists in our event every year since 2013, will be specially recognized in our online and printed promotional materials.