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The Artists

Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Murals

The Artists of 2018

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Petar Barbaros – Oil Painter & Sketcher

Petar left Croatia for a better life and when he moved to the United States he began studying under many accomplished artists. He feels being mentored by wonderful artists helped him immensely and that there is nothing like a good critique to help figure out what you are doing wrong to enable you to elevate your art. His work has a mesmerizing quality to it, and his love of sketching produces very interesting images. Part of the 2Create Exhibit.

Ruth Barnett – Painter

Ruth is an oil painter of both landscapes and still life. She paints in between travels and has quite a photo collection of beautiful scenery to paint from. Her designs try to capture a moment in time through the use of light and shadow. Ruth also works with clay and stained glass. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Bradley Begent – Mixed Media

Bradley is a contemporary multi-media artist who is an environmentalist and uses recycled materials to put his vision on canvas.

David Begent – Metal Sculpture

David is a sculptor and multi-media artist. His work is contemporary, and in many cases defies description.

Molly Jaeger-Begent – Acrylic

Molly has been painting for many years, and is a contemporary acrylic artist who lives in Ramona. She attended the Art Students League of NYC, and is currently showing in the Del Mar Art Center.

Lynette Bredow – Acrylic, Watercolor & Oil – Barrel Artist

Lynette has been painting either personally or professionally since the early 70’s. She started in oils on canvas, but in the late 80’s early 90’s she was introduced to acrylics. She enjoyed the fast drying of the paint resulting in instant finish to her projects. In 2014 she was again introduced to a new medium…watercolor. That has opened a new world to painting. This is Lynette’s 4th year as a Ramona Art & Wine barrel artist. She has tried to do a barrel that speaks about Ramona and its history. This barrel will help the Ramona HeA.R.T .Mural Project. You can see some of her fine art on her web site at

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Jane Brown – Mixed Media

Jane started her career in art in Marin County where she worked full time and took evening art classes. As a member of the Arts of Bear Valley, she won Best of Show in Calaveras County. Her work was on display in the Aloft Gallery in Sonora. She was the coordinator of The Gallery Group in Calaveras County. Education: Calaveras County – Kathleen Dunphy, Oil – Judy Cann – Oil, George Derkee – Oil, Stephen Hall, Ceramics; Monterey County – Rich Brimer oil and Debra Smith – Watercolor

David Browne – Sculptor

David Browne is a contemporary sculptural blacksmith working in steel, copper and bronze. Known for his graceful flowing forms, he utilizes a combination of traditional and industrial forging methods and tools. The work is informed by a lifelong love of architecture, a childhood spent exploring the rugged mountains of Idaho, and formal education and training in ceramics. “I’m obsessed with that precise instant when hammer die impacts hot steel.” It is in that tiny nanosecond that my vision becomes reality.” David has created numerous small and large scale works for individuals as well as corporate institutions throughout Southern California and the United States. David and his photographer wife Jo, reside in the rural foothills of Ramona, in San Diego County, California. Website: Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Casey Buonaugurio
Casey Buonaugurio – Oil

Casey Buonaugurio received her B.A. in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She enjoys painting still-lifes in oil depicting organic shapes of fruit reflected in metal man-made objects. She lives in Ramona with her husband and two daughters.

Marsha Cook – Recycled/found objects – Barrel Artist

The Art Center Ramona (instructors exhibit)
Marsha enjoys working with a variety of found objects and recycled materials in mixed media formats, to discuss messages or statements. She creates assemblage/sculpture as well as hand painted silk. Sometimes though, she says, “it’s all about fun!”

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Susan DePriest, Glass Art

Susan loves color! Kiln formed glass and enamels enable her to combine vibrant colors with the excitement of creating beautiful objects utilizing special kilns, molds and casting materials. She creates fused and slumped glass art and functional objects.

Jamie Dougherty – Barrel Artist

Jamie Dougherty has been creating artwork for more than fifteen years. Born and raised in Ramona, she still lives here with her husband and their two children. Jamie loves to create a wide range of artistic designs but she is best known for her female faces. Many say her faces are inspired by her daughter, and you can find her features hidden in each face. Jamie is also a product designer in the craft and hobby industry, and has had two signature collections with Prima Marketing Inc. In addition, she has independently produced Art stencils and also self-published adult coloring books. Her fine art skills explore watercolors, mixed media, and sculpting. You can find more about her as well as her work on her website:

Jamie Dougherty
Lyn Feudner* – Glass, Jewelry & Metal – Barrel Artist

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Lyn reinterprets her artist talents in glass, wire and plasma cut metal. Fused glass and fused glass jewelry are the main body. Lyn is a local North County San Diego fine artist. She expresses her love and appreciation for nature through her artwork. Lyn studies art locally at UCSD, SDSU, and Palomar College. Her education includes studying at the University of West Florida, and working on her B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota.

Anne Garcia – Fiber Arts

Anne discovered textiles when she learned to sew at age 12 on a treadle sewing machine. She quickly developed a love of color, texture and the process of making cloth into clothing. As a young woman, she progressed to the fiber arts of spinning, weaving, and quilting. Anne celebrates the joy of using color and texture in weaving and incorporates those elements into her designs. Creating cloth from wool, cotton, alpaca and other fibers is a time-consuming and eternally creative process. Anne is very grateful to spin the wheel and throw the shuttle!

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Edward Garner - Sculptor

Edward was born in Santa Paula, California, and has always had a great interest in art, especially sculpture. After spending 21 years in the Navy he retired, moved to San Diego and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a sculptor. The materials he uses are stone and wood, especially myrtle wood, which is only found in Oregon. He depicts nature in a stylized but not complete abstract way. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Irma Pinia-Garner – Silk Artist

Irma was born in Cuba and raised at Guantanamo Navel Base. She is mostly a self-taught silk artist. She loves the way dyes spread and mix on silk and her work includes the vibrancy and tropical colors of her home Caribbean water and vibrant flora and fauna. Her scarves are beautiful. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Cappie Geis – Acrylic

Cappie has always been creative, making jewelry, writing recipes, drawing. She began painting approximately two years ago and has been juried into many shows at Art on 30th. She loves painting with the talented artist there. Her pieces are based on Abstract but she enjoys painting recognizable figures over the abstract background.

Liane Glasrud – Mixed Media

Liane has taken a slow road on her transition from teacher to artist.  Both use imagination and perseverance.  She recently moved back to San Diego and is challenging herself with paint, paper, new mediums and techniques.  Her work is both unique and inspiring.  Website: Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Evelyn Goldschmidt – Photographer

Evelyn received her formal training in photography at The New School in New York City and has spent many years developing both her photographic and darkroom skills.  Evelyn lives in Julian and her photography is interesting and creative. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Sheila Greer – Watercolor and Oil

Sheila paints in oils and watercolor. In the late 1980's she explored "subjective reality" and the nature of consciousness. Meditation became a part of her journey along with incredible meditative visions. The desire to share these visions and the joy associated with them inspired her quest to find the "Artist Within."  Her work has a wonderful calm energy to it. Website: Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Tom Grubbe – Mixed media

Tom “preserves the beauty of nature.” He creates art through pine needle coiling.

Ken Haines – Woodturner

Ken is a resident of North County and has been involved in woodworking his entire life.  In 2000 he discovered the lathe and has been using it exclusively ever since.  He enjoys experimenting and working with color and his work is wonderful!  He is a participating member of the San Diego Woodturners and designed, developed and taught the woodturning courses at Palomar College. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Judy Ipema – Encaustic Painting and Mixed Media

Judy moved from the hustle and bustle of Orange County, CA to the lovely town of Ramona a little over four years ago. She continually marvels over the diversity of unspoiled landscape and community of Ramona. She’s discovered that encaustic painting, which is a mixture of bees wax and damar resin, and mixed media help her express the beauty of the world around us. The fluidity of encaustics helps express the ebb and flow of nature.

Patrick Korch – Painter & Sculptor

Patrick is an accomplished oil painter who was born in Sweden, traveled the world and now is a resident of San Diego.  He attended UCLA, has a BA from SDSU, studied at the Arts Students League of New York and has won many awards for his outstanding work.  Website: Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Linda Kelly* - Acrylic Artist - Barrel Artist

Linda loves to paint on unique and interesting surfaces. Her subjects are endless— horses, flowers, landscapes, birds, and old world angels. As a self-taught artist she likes to capture the fleeting glimpses of beauty to which all can relate. She is inspired by the concept of recycling older elements and turning them into beautiful pieces of art. She is thrilled to work on commissioned pieces, and strives to create works of art in every piece she takes on. She paints on old plates, antique metal tiles, canvas, wood and other amazing materials she discovers. Her works are included in private and corporate collections, and local galleries.

Johnathan Martinez – Acrylic

Bold and vibrant colors are Johnathan's hallmark as well as painting his subjects without faces. This draws the audience in while reinforcing the ideals of family, love, friendship and the joy of living life. Bold and vibrant colors are Johnathan's hallmark as well as painting his subjects without faces.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Tina Millsap – Jewelry

Tina began working with art glass in 1977. She and her husband Michael opened Blue Dolphin Art Glass Studio in 1978. After a long love affair with first stained and then fused glass, in 2008 Tina began combining her love of fused glass with the wire wrapping process to create one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Helen Munroe - Glass

Helen has been making jewelry for 15 years. She became certified to teach Precious Metal Art Clay in 2006 and in 2007 started making fused dichroic glass projects. Now her art is one or the other or a combination of both! She loves learning new techniques.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Caylor Nuth – Acrylic

Caylor graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Art. Throughout her art career she worked as an illustrator with Amber Sky Illustrators in Denver Colorado and freelanced for companies such as National Wildlife, International Wildlife, and Portal Publications. She taught art in Colorado and California public schools and is currently working on a series of acrylic paintings depicting domestic farm animals entitled, “Meat Your Friends.” She enjoys the simple country atmosphere of Ramona where her family has lived for almost 30 years and wants to share the faces of the beautiful creatures we depend on. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Kathy Oxford – Jewelry

Kathy’s family moved to San Diego in 1960 and although she has lived in many parts of San Diego, Ramona has been her home for the last 18 years.  Life on a small horse ranch demands resourcefulness, preparation, invention, and grit.  These same characteristics carried her through 30+ years of teaching and are proving priceless in her metal-smithing work.  Her jewelry is often one-of-a-kind and pushes beyond the usual precious metals, stones, and traditional techniques. She is inspired by her surroundings.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Haley Poole – Acrylic - Barrel Artist

Haley Poole is a full-time vet assistant and biology graduate who spends her time outside of work focusing on her truest of passions, being creative. Her work draws inspiration from her life, both from her love of animals and science. From the graphite drawings of animals that she’s been sketching from the time she could hold a pencil, to the art of turning gems and stones into fine jewelry, to her newest passion, acrylic “Nebula” paintings, Haley loves exploring, cultivating, and expanding her creativity through art. Instagram @Nordic_Catlady

Charlene Pulsonetti – Mixed Media

Charlene Pulsonetti creates original watercolor and acrylic paintings inspired by the American Southwest. Her work aims to address the complex relationship of humanity and the natural world, as well as the humor in everyday life.  Charlene was born in New York and currently resides in Ramona. A visual artist and traveler, she prefers the portability of watercolor and ink when on the road and in the wilderness.  After graduating with a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston, she participated as Artist in Residence at Petrified Forest National Park in northeastern Arizona. From here, she has participated in multiple group shows throughout eastern Long Island. She has participated twice in Crescent City, California’s “Art Walk”, and has pieces in the collections of the Boston Public Library, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and Petrified Forest National Park. Her most recent work was a public art installation in Riverhead, New York titled “Sanctum”. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Janice Reich – Artist

Janice’s artwork includes original watercolors, animal & pet art as well as photography of Ramona Valley Vineyards and Wineries, including Vineyards and Wineries in Tuscany.  She’s been a member of the Ramona Art Guild since 2008, and has served on the board.  Her mediums of choice are life drawing, watercolor, photography, and acrylics.  Janice has been involved in art classes since the late 1960's. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Shannon Robinson – Acrylic

Shannon Robinson was born and raised in San Diego, California, where she earned degrees in both Graphic Design and Marketing. Shannon began creating art at a very young age, and throughout her artistic career she has worked with many mediums including acrylic, ink, digital, and photography, and on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, cork, wood, glass, and ceramic. Shannon’s style ranges from still life, portrait, to landscape; however, she does not believe in constraining herself to any one form or design and tends to paint what she feels.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Lori Sutherland – Mixed Media

Lori Sutherland is a local award winning artist. She shows her work in the 2Create Gallery in Ramona, and has been a participate in the Ramona Open Studio Tour for several years. Lori is know for her detailed and colorful colored pencil art, but is also doing acrylics, and most recently acrylic poured paintings embellished with stone, glass, and metal.

Kim Simas – Photographer

Kim Simas has always had a passion for photography: either taking photographs or enjoying them. Growing up, Kim lived in several places, from California’s Central Valley, Northern California, Spain and now Southern California. She enjoys traveling and is sure to bring a camera with her to capture as many images as possible. Kim received a Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz in Marine Biology with an emphasis on marine mammals yet photography came to be the main focus. Her passion for the ocean can be seen in many of her photographs. In 2016, Kim and her teenage son settled in Julian and are loving its natural surroundings. The mountain lifestyle not only reminds her of Northern California but also offers new and interesting photography subjects.  Website: Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Kathi Vargo – Mixed Media

Kathi Vargo is known for her work in collage and assemblage. The use of discarded old materials and objects have become her go-to palette. Kathi likes to honor the past and rekindle the life of the discarded. Her work ranges from old photos, letters and books to discarded dolls, boxes and found objects. You may also find a lone crow here and there throughout her work. Kathi continues to expand her artistic horizons by studying with well know collage and mixed media artists embracing new techniques and ideas. Art is displayed at Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park.

Beryl Warnes – Fiber Arts

Following a passion for weaving since initiation in 1974, Beryl continues to explore and experience the joy of creativity in this medium. She has owned and operated Julian Weaving works since 1989 and Academy of Hand Weaving since 2015. Her son Skylar Farr has joined her to keep this ancient art form alive and growing, finding its place in present times and for future generations. Their goal is to promote cottage weaving to balance out the technological age we live in.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Rich Watson – Plein Air Sketcher

Rich Watson will be doing portraits and other drawings of the event while it is going on which people can purchase. Rich doesn’t have to dream about the ocean, sailing and cruising because that’s what he does these days and shares his experiences through his hand-drawn Plein Air sketches. They are spontaneous and charming. Part of 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Don Weeke – Gourd Artist

The focus of Don’s work is to create form utilizing natural fibers and materials in combination with traditional basketry techniques. In his work you may see gourds, oak branches, eucalyptus bark, date palm seeds and fonds which he puts together in amazing ways. Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit. Website:

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Pamela Wilder, Acrylic

Pamela’s work is full of color and vibrant scenes.  She obviously loves color and her work jumps off the walls and into your heart.  Pam’s love of drawing and painting began as a form of therapy during her cancer treatment and recovery.  She then studied under Stan Goudy, a Ramona award-winning artist.  Discussing her work Pam says, “Life is full of twists and turns and for me this is a life long dream finally took a tough battle with cancer for me to stop waiting and begin creating.  Today I work full time as an artist and am so excited to begin work every day.  Not just what I do, but who I am.”  Website: Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Nancy Wiley - Jewelry Artist

Nancy studied Fine Arts at Santa Monica City College and at Long Beach State. She has a background in many different mixed media arts, which include: Jewelry, Drawing, Painting, Stain Glass, Sculpting, Etching, and many more. Nancy presently has her own studio in a small town in San Diego County.

Ramona Art & Wine Fest
Helen Wilson – Multi-Media

Helen is an internationally exhibited artist and currently the Director of The Art Center of Ramona.  She is interested in identity and the genetic and social forces that form us.  Her work is exciting and original.  Website:

Part of the 2Create Gallery exhibit.

Art Center

The Art Center of Ramona is an Inclusive Community Art space, where art as a process is paramount, and where the community and the artist are put into direct contact. Their mission is to create a rural community art space, where Traditional, Expressive and Conceptual Artists come in contact with each other and the larger community. At the Festival, the Art Center will provide an area for visitors to do “abandoned art”—the practice of creating an artistic piece of any size or shape and "abandoning" it somewhere in the world. It can be kept by the finder, left, or re-gifted—like a random act of kindness in art form. There are abandoned art groups all over the world. For additional information about the Art Center, go to

*Legacy Recognition:  We will be recognizing our "Legacy" Artists.  Artists who have supported and participated as artists in our event every year since 2013, will be specially recognized in our online and printed promotional materials.